Unique ($UNQ) will be listed on Huobi on the 28th September 2022.


Every developer needs a handy toolkit to get the job done—and build things efficiently! A well-built toolkit that’s optimized for specific tasks not only speeds up development but makes it more robust and helps avoid the snags of frequent bugs and unnecessary complexity.

Another step in our mission to create limitless potential for the NFT creators, developers, and communities of the blockchain.  

Check out these three demos from our winning project teams to learn more about how our nested NFT technology fuels mass adoption-ready solutions for advanced management of digital assets powered by NFTs.

When web2 and centralized events and ticketing platforms give you lemons, make Lemonade!

Hello, Uniques! Following July’s late month update, we’re back on the blog to close out this action-packed summer and what’s been an exciting August for our blockchain and community.

You listed, you voted! Now it’s time to share the Substrapunk NFT that will be fractionalized to join Monique (aka CryptoPunk #3042) on her quest to save the blockchain. But first, we need your help….

As we continue to deliver on our mission to power next-gen NFTs, here is a quick look at how far we have come and what you should be ready and excited for in the coming months!

Aug 12, 2022

Late July Update

Hello, Uniques!
Following our jam-packed mid-month recap, we’re back on the blog to close out July with some more exciting announcements and updates. See below to catch up!

Next in Unique Chronicles—Voting to find the winning Substrapunk is now open!

Hello, Unique Network! So many exciting things have happened lately, so we are back on the blog to share some reflections and updates! Read on to see what we’ve been up to! Thanks for reading and, as always, for your support.

The info you've all been waiting to hear! Following the official Quartz distribution and the UNQ token sale in January, it's time to announce the distribution of UNQ tokens to those who participated in the crowdloan and the Diamond in the rough event.

Get to know our sponsored transaction staking model, which will help financially support a new generation of developers (and community investors).

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