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As we continue to deliver on our mission to power next-gen NFTs, here is a quick look at how far we have come and what you should be ready and excited for in the coming months!

Aug 12, 2022

Late July Update

Hello, Uniques!
Following our jam-packed mid-month recap, we’re back on the blog to close out July with some more exciting announcements and updates. See below to catch up!

Next in Unique Chronicles—Voting to find the winning Substrapunk is now open!

Hello, Unique Network! So many exciting things have happened lately, so we are back on the blog to share some reflections and updates! Read on to see what we’ve been up to! Thanks for reading and, as always, for your support.

The info you've all been waiting to hear! Following the official Quartz distribution and the UNQ token sale in January, it's time to announce the distribution of UNQ tokens to those who participated in the crowdloan and the Diamond in the rough event.

Get to know our sponsored transaction staking model, which will help financially support a new generation of developers (and community investors).

As our "Punks for the People" campaign to free a CryptoPunk from Ethereum begins, read a deep dive into the unique power of refungible tokens and how they reimagine NFTs and the blockchain

We are introducing a new home for bundling your refungible (RFT) tokens, which you can trade as an NFT. Register for “Punks for the People” to claim a free Chest!

Long ago in a universe far, far away. No, we're not talking about that story, but another one, the story of Cryptopunk #3042, better known as Monique, and the Ethereum universe.

We have secured Cryptopunk #3042, the start of a journey to free it from the shackles of Ethereum and into the hands of our community. The Pluriverse is waiting—and our quest is about to begin.

Polkadot launch, MintFest results, Consensus Austin, and a new epic quest for the future of NFTs.

MintFest, our debut NFT competition and festival for the Quartz community, came to a close last month following our recent win of a parachain on Polkadot.

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