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Project Timeline

2nd June

Nominate your Substrapunk to star in an epic quest.

A hero is amongst us, one who would rise to the challenge of breaking free from the restrictions of our present world and free us to build the new.
The community is listing their Substrapunk for 100KSM
List your substrapunk (if you have one) to star in an epic new quest.

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9th June

Unique brings a CryptoPunk NFT to Polkadot, to be fractionalised & given to the community.

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17th June

Unique Chronicles pt 1. Introducing Monique

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Meet Monique, or better known as, Cryptopunk #3042.

29th Jun

RFT & CROSS-CHAIN NFTS: Bringing Freedom and Innovation Back to the Blockchain

As our "Punks for the People" campaign to free a CryptoPunk from Ethereum begins, read a deep dive into the unique power of refungible tokens and how they reimagine NFTs and the blockchain

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30th June

A brand new NFT drop

We are introducing a new home for bundling your refungible (RFT) tokens, you may bundle all your RFTs and NFTs together in this chest which you can trade as an NFT. Register for “Punks for the People” to claim a free Chest!

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28th July

Unique Chronicles pt 2. Monique has met a mysterious stranger.

Monique has met a mysterious punk, from the substra tribe, a hero from a faraway world known as Polkadot. The community votes on who they think he or she is.

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12th Dec

Registration is closed

Coming soon, stay tuned!

RFT Distribution will be announced in the coming days


What is "that" NFT?

"That" NFT is an NFT that is a part of one whole NFT — CryptoPunk #3042. It looks like a cake that is divided into pieces. The cake was divided, now everyone can take a piece of it.

Can CryptoPunks be fractionalized?

After a detailed research and analysis of the provisions of the Terms of Use of CryptoPunks, we did not find any prohibitions on the division of CryptoPunks into fractionalized parts, presented in the form of NFT.

What can I do with my NFT?

You can do whatever you want with your NFT: sell, present, exchange. You can also use the NFT for commercial purposes in accordance with the Terms of Use. However, we recommend that you keep your fractions safe till we give you more guidance on this

Can I as an owner of that NFT use the Crypto Punk 3042 image as my profile picture?

Yes, you can use CryptoPunk 3042 image as your profile picture. For more information about the possibility of use, see the Terms of Use. Once you have your fraction, we will share guidance on how you can use your fraction as a profile picture

Are CryptoPunk copyright and trademark rights infringed in anyway by fractionalization of the CryptoPunk 3042?

We have thoroughly investigated and analyzed the provisions of the Terms of Use and the license of CryptoPunks and have not found any prohibitions on fractionalization of the CryptoPunk 3042.

What will happen with my NFT if NFT — CryptoPunk (3042) will be sold?

This is the Unique Network vault that will keep CryptoPunk # 3042 for eternity. Don't worry about it.

What is RFT?

RFT is a fractionlization of assets. For example, A single NFT can be fractionlised and made into thousands of RFTs.

Which wallets can we use to claim RFT’s?

RFTs can be claimed in Polkadot & Metamask Wallet.

How to connect and verify the wallet?

On Cryptopunk RFT Page click Join the quest

Connect Polkadot.js/Metamask wallet

Choose your account in below tab

Go to Telegram Bot and paste that address to verify

Do we need QTZ to claim RFT’s?
After connecting the wallet you’ll need to verify that wallet in a Telegram bot. At the time of claiming RFT, you’ll receive enough QTZ for transaction
Can users create their own RFTs?
Yes, very soon this functionality will be available on Unique Minter
Where can I view my RFT?
For users with a Polkadot supported wallet, RFTs will be visible in the Unique wallet. Metamask users will be able to see their RFT after connecting Metamask to a Unique wallet.
How many Substrapunks will be purchased?

One Substrapunk with highest community votes will be purchased.

Can I use a ledger wallet?

No, ledger wallets do not support RFTs properly.

How do I stay updated about the campaign?

Follow our various announcement channels as per your convenience,




Sign up for our newsletter or submit your email in Telegram bot

What if my wallet is not connecting?

If you’re having trouble connecting your wallet, it could be due to having too many wallet extensions on your browser. Try using another browser with less wallet extensions to connect your wallet (Chrome or Brave). Also, some pop-up blockers are known to block Polkadot and Metamask extensions. Make sure you have all pop-up blockers disabled.